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Virtual Sessions via Zoom

Women's Health Coaching Holiday Special

$75 off Black Friday sale

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Women's Health Coaching Holiday Special
Women's Health Coaching Holiday Special

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Virtual Sessions via Zoom

About the event

Transform your well-being with our women's health coaching services. Our dedicated team of experts are here to guide and empower you on your journey towards optimal health and wellness. Whether you're seeking support with hormonal balance, reproductive health, or overall wellness, our personalized coaching sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs. Take charge of your health and discover the tools and knowledge you need to thrive. Let's stay focused on your holiday and New Year goals together!

What's included: 

  • 3 one hour, one on one personal coaching sessions with one of our expert, certified health coaches. This includes an initial discovery session where we will set overarching goals, followed by 2 additional coaching sessions to help you meet your wellness goals. 
  • Initial intake/ health screening


What is health coaching? 

Our wellness coaching is a unique blend of life coaching, the science of behavior change, nutrition and fitness know-how. It offers a different approach to traditional healthcare, helping you make positive changes in your life. You'll come across wellness coaches quite often nowadays. It's important to choose a wellness coach program that is backed by coaches who are certified through reputable programs.

Think of our wellness coaches as your friendly guide on the side. We'll help you assess how you're doing both physically and emotionally, and then we'll work with you to set new goals. Together, we'll create a personalized plan to enhance your overall well-being. We're here to support you in boosting your confidence, self-esteem, aligning your life with your values, improving your nutrition plan, movement routine, and even your sleep patterns.

In the end, collaborating with the right wellness coach can be truly inspiring, incredibly motivating, and empowering. We'll assist you in achieving long-lasting, meaningful results.

What health coaching is not

Health coaching is not a substitute for medical care or professional medical advice. Health coaches role is not to diagnose, treat, or cure medical conditions. Instead, they focus on supporting individuals in making lifestyle changes and adopting healthier behaviors.

Here are some key points about what health coaching is not:

  1. Medical Treatment: Health coaches do not provide medical treatments or interventions. They are not a replacement for doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals. They do, however, signpost to other HCPs, if needed.
  2. Diagnosis and Prescription: Health coaches do not diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medications. These activities fall within the purview of licensed healthcare professionals.
  3. Therapy or Counseling: While health coaching may address aspects of mental well-being, it is not a substitute for therapy or counseling provided by mental health professionals. 
  4. Personal Training: Health coaching is distinct from personal training, which focuses on physical fitness and exercise. While fitness and exercise may be components of a health coaching program, health coaches address a broader range of lifestyle factors.
  5. Quick Fixes or Miracle Cures: Health coaching does not promise quick fixes or miracle cures. Sustainable lifestyle changes take time and effort, and health coaches work with individuals to set realistic goals and make gradual progress.
  6. Strict Dietary Advice: Health coaches do not typically provide rigid, one-size-fits-all dietary advice. Instead, they may help individuals explore and adopt balanced and sustainable eating habits based on their unique needs and preferences.
  7. Financial or Legal Advice: Health coaches are not financial advisors or legal professionals. They do not provide advice on financial matters or legal issues.

Health coaching is a collaborative process that empowers individuals to take an active role in their health and well-being. It involves setting and achieving realistic goals, developing healthy habits, and addressing various aspects of lifestyle, such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and sleep. It is often used as a complement to traditional healthcare services, with the understanding that individuals are ultimately responsible for their own health decisions.


  • Health Coaching 3 Sessions

    +$7.50 service fee
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