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MiDOViA is committed to raising awareness about menopause, offering education and support. Each time we're highlighted in the media, we shed light on the challenges of menopausal experiences and expand our network. Explore our latest press coverage and achievements.

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"The conversation around menopause is usually avoided at work. Companies like Midovia are attempting to educate employers about the needs of menopausal women."

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"Just 1% of US organizations have a menopause workplace policy.The taboo of speaking about menopause at work in the US is set."

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"Our mission is clear: to ensure women of all ages receive the necessary care and support during this significant life transition. By prioritizing menopause programs, we’re not only supporting today’s workforce but also reading a blueprint  for future generation, fostering inclusivity and empowerment across all sectors."

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"As menopause awareness grows, more resources are becoming available to employers. Benefits specialists, including Carrot Fertility, Maven, Midi, MiDOViA... among others, offer menopause-related workplace packages, trainings, and other resources, which should make workplace support increasingly accessible."

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