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Over 8 in 10 menopausal people are working. 1 in 4 consider leaving work during their menopause, often at the peak of their professional careers.

of women consider quitting their jobs during their menopause

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Menopause at work: why it matters

Menopause and work: what does one have to do with the other? Menopause has always been around, but today, menopausal women are the fastest-growing workforce demographic, and for many, it’s not an easy transition.


With the right awareness and support, people experiencing menopause can continue to thrive at work. But today, menopause is only whispered about in corridors with potentially significant consequences for both employees and employers.


Read on to learn more about the compelling reasons why all employers should take menopause at work seriously.


The global impact of menopause on productivity is costing businesses over $150 billion a year

We’re living and working longer. Menopause contributes to the gender pay gap because women retire 7.4 years earlier than men, often during their prime leadership years.


Despite intending to retire around the age of 64, the average age of retirement for women is 52.

45% of those who retire before 55 report their own sickness, injury or disability as the reason.


Acting now to keep these experienced people in work is more important than ever – 81% of women aged between 45-54 are in paid employment. In 1980, this figure stood at just 47%.


It’s the right thing to do

Introducing menopause support is something that all responsible employers should do.

Of those experiencing menopause…

experience menopause symptoms. 25% experience serious symptoms

report concern about the impact of menopause on their mental health

do not feel comfortable talking about menopause at work

they’re up to 4x more likely to have a depressive episode



Menopause impacts your bottom line

It can affect performance at work both mentally and physically. Statistics tell us that of people experiencing menopause symptoms…

of salary is the cost of replacing an employee

extra leave taken by people experiencing menopause

of women have considered leaving their jobs during menopause


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