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Letting Go of Last Year

Today's post is on letting go of last year. I found myself struggling and a little obsessed with recounting the good and the bad of last year and reluctant to lean into this year. I did a meditation recently that really helped me move forward and I am including something similar here.

You can read the meditation below and/or listen to my recorded version of the meditation.

The meditation:

Let's embark on this meditation journey by grounding ourselves in the present moment. Take a moment to release the ties to your previous engagements, allowing the residue of those moments to fade away. Breathe in deeply, and cast your gaze around the space you presently occupy, observing the colors, shapes, and textures that define it.

Notice whatever captures your attention most vividly. Let your breath become the center of your awareness—no need to embellish it, simply observe.

Now find a comfortable seat.  It can be a cushion, a pillow, a chair….whatever is the most comfortable and allows you to keep a straight back.  Also hold your head so you chin is parallel to the floor and come to stillness. 

As you remain attuned to your breath, envision releasing the past year intentionally. Let the narratives, words, and experiences of 2023 dissolve into the past, free from judgment or attachment. Allow your breath to be a conduit for letting go, creating a spacious canvas for a new narrative to emerge in this upcoming year.

As we engage in this practice of relinquishing the past, cultivate a stance of non-judgment. When thoughts about the previous year or expectations for the coming year surface, observe them without judgment. Acknowledge their presence, gently guiding your attention back to the breath.

Express gratitude for what has been—an acknowledgment of the experiences, lessons, love, and care that shaped the past year. Then, release them with gratitude. "Thank you, and now I let go."

Redirect your awareness to the sensations in your body. Identify areas of tension or ease, inviting relaxation with each breath. Release anything held within. "Thank you, I don't need you now. I let go."

Continue to focus on your breath and body sensations, contemplating the qualities you wish to embody in the new year. Instead of specific words, explore the felt sense of these qualities, letting go of the need to control or plan. Embrace the present, open and receptive to what unfolds before you.

Within this sense of spaciousness, conduct a brief body scan, acknowledging each part without the need for alteration. Express gratitude for your body's journey, both to this moment and into the future.

As we conclude, gently reawaken your senses. Move your fingers and toes, gradually opening your eyes.

May the qualities you've explored accompany you into the new year. I wish you a joyous, healthy, and prosperous 2024.

Thank you for joining in this practice.

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