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Empowering Employee Wellness: The Impact of Health Coaching in Corporate Wellness Programs

Approximately 1.3 million women enter menopause annually and of those, 1 in 4 considers leaving the workplace due to menopause symptoms and 10% actually leave. This has a significant financial impact for employers, costing over $1.1 billion annually in the U.S. alone. That’s why we are seeing an increasing number of employers embracing corporate-sponsored health and well-being programs to manage costs effectively. Extensive research highlights the potential for substantial savings in employee absenteeism and healthcare expenses through well-implemented workplace health initiatives.1

The Role of Employee Wellness Programs:

While establishing an employee wellness program is a crucial initial step, its impact can be significantly enhanced by engaging employees and supporting them in making enduring health and behavior changes. Here lies the benefit of health coaching. 

The Power of Health Coaching:

Health coaching, or wellness coaching, emerges as a potent tool to augment the effectiveness of corporate wellness programs, resulting in improved health outcomes, heightened engagement, and cost savings. Notably, health coaching has demonstrated success in modifying various unhealthy behaviors, leading to enhancements in conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure—conditions that often drive inflated healthcare costs.2

Understanding Health Coaching:

A health coach serves as a dedicated “guide on the side” for individuals seeking to enhance their health and well-being. Equipped with advanced certifications in diverse specialty areas, MiDOViA’s health coaches adopt a holistic approach to improving individual employee health.

How Health Coaching Empowers Employee Wellness:

Personalized Support:

  • Health coaches offer tailored assistance, acknowledging the diverse needs of a workforce. This approach involves creating customized goals, implementing strategies for individual success, and connecting employees with relevant corporate wellness resources. 

Meeting People Where They Are:

  • Acknowledging the varied nature of wellness journeys, successful coaching programs should offer diverse methods for ongoing connection, communication, and education. MiDOViA’s health coaching program prioritizes flexibility, providing options for in-person or remote one-on-one coaching sessions and additional support through seminars and webinars and online holistic modalities.

Making Sense of Health Information:

  • Health coaches play a vital role in helping individuals interpret the influx of health information from various sources. By focusing on an employee's overall health, health coaches provide clarity and direction, enabling collaborative goal-setting and strategies for improvement.

Bridging Gaps in Care:

  • With a significant portion of Americans unaware of their chronic conditions, health coaches become pivotal in identifying and directing individuals to appropriate medical care. By interpreting health data and supporting behavior modification, health coaches play a crucial role in managing chronic conditions, as well as menopausal symptoms. 

Health coaching emerges as a dynamic tool to amplify the impact of corporate wellness programs, empowering employees to take control of their health for both personal well-being and the long-term health of the company. To explore health coaching for your health and wellness program, connect with us today at


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Diabetes Statistic Report.

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