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How Menopause Support Can Aid Retention & Recruitment

Menopause friendly organizations have lots to offer their existing and potential employees.

So if you’ve already put support in place or are on the journey, you’ll be in a good place to hold on to your current talent and act as a draw for new recruits. If you haven’t yet considered menopause support, now’s the time. Before you find other forward-thinking organizations start fishing from your talent pool.

Seizing recruitment opportunities

A survey of 160 HR leaders discovered that 77% were experiencing problems finding and retaining staff. (The Great Resignation, 2021). So you need to be a place where people want to work… and stay.

Increasingly, candidates are looking for high-performing organizations that can demonstrate they’re a great place to work. Many will research a company long before they submit their application. So make sure when they’re on their discovery mission, they like what they read about you.

Health and wellness programmes are a must have for over 52% of workers, however only 33% of employers currently offer this. And 74% say they are interested in DEI programs and/or affinity groups when deciding whether to accept a new job (MetLife, 2022).

Make sure you’re not only offering a comprehensive program, which includes menopause support, but making this accessible and upfront for potential candidates to find will give you a strong headstart in recruitment terms. In the same way, make sure your DEI policy is front and centre for jobseekers to find.

Promote your employee benefits

While many organizations will have these in place, you can discuss your menopause support in terms of setting your workplace apart from other employers. This could help you open your doors to some highly talented, well-qualified and experienced candidates who may not be finding support at this stage in life from their current employers.

Your existing employees will be well incentivised to stay, knowing that you’re offering reasonable workplace adjustments to help them manage their specific symptoms, which they might not yet find at your competitors.

These may include:

  • Flexibility in terms of working hours and location.

  • Employee Assistance Programmes, which include menopause support

  • Access to washroom facilities at all time

  • A well-ventilated workspace

  • Extra uniforms

You may also have Menopause Champions/Advocates at your organization, intranet groups or regular updates and training sessions. Making this support accessible to every corner of your business means you’ll be working to retain staff at all levels. 80% of people going through menopause are in work (Fawcett Society Report 2022) and one in four have considered leaving their job due to menopause. One in 10 have actually left work due to their symptoms. So putting strong and accessible menopause support in place will help you hurdle these obstacles.

It’s a win-win situation. They stay in the job they enjoy and in which they thrive. You keep your top talent and boost your reputation as an employer of excellence.

When we consider that 80% of people going through menopause are in work (Fawcett Society Report, 2022) it becomes even more clear why offering support during this transition is so important. Especially when we also realize that one in four people have considered leaving their job during menopause, and one in 10 actually left their job due to symptoms, it’s crystal clear.

Remember, menopause is highly unique and support needs to match this. There’s no one-size-fits all approach, but for colleagues to know they can have a supportive conversation and discuss their specific needs, it can make all the difference in whether to stay…. or go.

Most menopause support interventions are relatively small and cost effective. Even just having menopause out there as a topic of conversation goes a long way to making colleagues feel secure talking about it.

For the recruitment and retention rewards you’ll reap… shouting about your menopause support is definitely the right move.

by Deborah Garlick, Founder - Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace

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